Taxi for your pets based at LE VAL - VAR (83)

Interventions on the département of Var (Brignoles, Fréjus, Saint-Tropez, Toulon...)

Why call ANI'MOBIL ?

Must you go to the veterinary, to the dog cleaner or to the dog breeder ?

You do not have enaough time to go with your companion ?

You cannot drive or do not have a car ?

Your pets are not allowed in regular taxis ?

Your animal is car-seek or do not support car lifts ?


ANI'MOBIL brings your animal from its location to the place of its appointment.
D.S.V CERTIFIED VEHICLES, air-conditioned and equipped with specific transport cages, for the comfort of your companion. And if you cannot separate your favorite pet, you can get onboard with us without any supplement !