This kind of Intervention is available in a 30 km circle around the city of BRIGNOLES

ANI'MOBIL takes everything into care !

Away for a week end, a seminar, or for an hospitalization ? ANI'MOBIL visit your companion every day or according to your need (dogs, cats, fishes of any kind of aquarium, birds, or any kind of pets !)


The Pet-sitting principle is to avoid your animal being stressed moving from a place to another in the aim to don't change its habitudes . This is especially true for cats which do not like being disturb by any kind of stress .

ANI'MOBIL can come once or several times a day according to your needs and kind of pets, and only on eperson will feed, talk a walk or take care of your companion..

A first visit will be held to settle all the practical details. Visits are usually 45 min long according to the animal type, and you will get a confirmation of our venu for each passage, indicating actions done with your animal and also details about its health.